Sunday, July 04, 2010

Wait, so Vox Day was once a ruthless and cold-hearted bastard?

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Demotivator: “I LOL’D”
Well, smirked

It may seem a bit petty of me, but this little passage in Vox’s latest post amused me enough to merit a mention:

Now, I do believe even complete bastards can change from ruthless and cold-hearted cad to faithful family man because that's precisely what happened to me. However, this only came about through the transformative power of Jesus Christ; a woman can enable such a transformation, but I don't see how she could possibly bring it about on her own.

Because when I think of Vox Day, I don’t think of a pretentious, heartless, misogynistic bastard at all; no, I think of a man who is sage, compassionate, righteous and understanding. Don’t we all?

Must truly be a testament to the awesome transformative powers of Lord Jeezus, then, that Vox eschewed all that mean-spirited callousness in favor of becoming a better person, right?