Friday, April 30, 2010

FAIL Quote of the Day: Just plain vile

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You disgust me
Except, not in such a cute, kitty-softened way

Right from his post title being “When rape is comedy gold”, you can tell what to expect from this piece by everyone’s favorite misogynistic thug, Vox Day, in response to a piece from a woman trying to shine some light on the high levels of rape in Haiti and who ended up being sexually savaged herself:

Yes, it's always a tragedy when a sex tour goes awry.... Compounding the humor here is the way in which the grateful rapee believes it is the fault of "the [white] man" that violent, savage black men rape silly white women who believe in the myth of equality. We can only conclude from this that she believes black men and white women alike are non-sapient animals incapable of making their own decisions or controlling their own behavior. It's probably just as well that this dimwitted woman happened to choose race relations over the environment as her cretinous crusade. She is clearly that special sort of environmental activist that ends up eaten by bears.

Look, it really doesn’t matter what he’s responding to, or even if he’d just been kicked in the balls and ass-raped (repeatedly) by a rabid feminist with a strap-on. If this sort of repulsively hideous and hateful crap doesn’t make your skin crawl somewhat, there’s most likely something quite wrong with you.

But, yeah, tell us again how your brand of morality is better than others’, Vox. Go ahead. Loathsome wanker.