Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fail Quote of the Day: Introducing facile Politik Ditto

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Danny Glover and Mel Gibson
Danny Glover and Mel Gibson

From one of the newest additions to my Necropolis (left sidebar), Mr. Grey Ghost at Politik Ditto, who takes along the usual “if you don’t immediately pass judgment on something someone else said, you’re a hypocrite!” type of thinking:

One would've thought by now that actor Danny Glover, a longtime, outspoken liberal activist who has openly supported Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, campaigned for John Edwards '08 presidential run and once called George W. Bush a "racist," would've spoken up by now on his former "Lethal Weapon" series co-star Mel Gibson's racist rant against his ex-girlfriend, but so far all we've gotten are crickets. Funny that.

Yes. A guy who starred in a movie along with a celebrity friend hasn’t bothered to comment on the fact that said other guy went into a near-psychotic rant about his ex-girlfriend. Obviously, this can only mean that Glover is in on the whole affair, perhaps colluding with Gibson to have Grigorieva kidnapped, raped and murdered and her body dumped in a swamp. Can’t be that maybe Glover hasn’t yet had the opportunity to respond, or that he figures it’s not his place or business to pass comment, or that maybe he just doesn’t give a damn for whatever reason (or lack thereof) – no, it’s gotta be something sinister and suspicious. He is a liberal activist, after all, and them’s always wicked.