The Dungeon


Preliator and Creativitas have filters in place for some of the less desirable denizens of the Web, and below is the wall of shame where those who get themselves banned from commenting here are showcased for all to see. The purpose for this is quadripartite: Transparency about who gets booted and why; education for commenters new and old to see what sort of (mis)behavior gets one punished; public service to help other blogmasters identify these pests; and schadenfreude, because it nourishes my heathen soul.

A simple way to avoid ending up listed here (other than to exhibit some common sense and decency) is to read and heed the few rules I bother to enforce. Discipline is quite lax ’round here – I mostly ignore anything that isn’t especially vexing (partly in the hope that other commenters will tackle it for me) – but there are limits, and those who push them will get their presence here axed without a second thought.

If you find yourself banned from commenting and believe a mistake has occurred (always an unfortunate possibility), shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

Annex of the Damned
— An index of the banned —

Bobby D #1
Damned: 10/04/09 | Crimes: Trolling · threats
Chose to comment on the cruel mistreatment of sex offenders with juvenile thuggery. At least he has the honor of being my very first troll – and thereby, my very first dungeon inductee!
Christ-o-Fuck #2
Damned: 11/15/09 | Crimes: Trolling · spamming
Spammer with a crappy website. Nothing to see, here.
Dennis Markuze (aka David Mabus, DM, nostra99, tons more) #3
Damned: 03/22/10 | Crimes: Trolling · spamming · thread derailment · excessive vileness · threats
A veritable legend amongst anti-atheist trolls; see his RationalWiki entry for the long, sad tale. I finally attracted his attention [note: comments thread since removed] over at Blag Hag for the fun of adding him into the Annex of the Damned, and he didn’t disappoint.
Fgfg #4
Damned: 06/27/11 | Crimes: Trolling
Random insipid troll/Vox Day follow-on.
Mat Jones #5
Damned: 06/24/12 | Crimes: Borderline trolling · spamming · disobedience
Had absolutely nothing of value to add to a discussion that was about him in the first place, and then ignored my warning to stop. Never a good idea.
Jerry Conlon #6
Damned: 12/30/12 | Crimes: Trolling
Generic Slymepit troll.
Franc Hoggle (aka franc, Victor Ivanoff, Felch Grogan) #7
Damned: 12/30/12 | Crimes: Trolling
Renowned Slymepitter and all-around slimeball. Need I say more?
Steve Lawrence #8
Damned: 02/02/13 | Crimes: Trolling
Mundane troll with no sense of fashion. Pity.
Rthompkins5 #9
Damned: 02/28/13 | Crimes: Trolling
Boring driver-by.

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