Sunday, April 14, 2013

From reasonable regulation of dangerous instruments to tyranny

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Yet again, nothing tears through wingnuts’ delusions like a little bit of satire. Here’s Tom the Dancing Bug’s take on all the raging and whining from gun nuts who can’t possibly see reasonable gun control as anything else than an insidious government plot to ban all guns (presumably to leave the sheeple defenseless against a UN invasion to bring about a New World Order, or something):

Comic: “First they came to register…” | Tom the Dancing Bug (by Ruben Bolling)
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BLOND-HAIRED MAN: I’ve heard tell that private citizens were once allowed to own them.

BLOND-HAIRED MAN: How did we Americans lose that precious right of ownership?

BLACK-HAIRED MAN: I know not. Let us ask the very old one. Perhaps he remembers.

BLACK-HAIRED MAN: Very old one, how did it happen? How did the government…

VERY OLD MAN: Shhh! There are government ears everywhere!

VERY OLD MAN: Long ago, we were happy and free. Responsible owners made sure they were stored and used properly.

VERY OLD MAN: Then the government said we’d have to register each and every one of them.

VERY OLD MAN: It seemed reasonable. They are dangerous things. But I know what the government really wanted.

I and others fought it with all our strength. But the feds needed this foothold and would not be denied.

VERY OLD MAN: We lost. And the government had taken the first step on its inexorable path.

VERY OLD MAN: Soon after the registration requirement, sure enough, suddenly you needed a license to use one.

VERY OLD MAN: Next you were prohibited from owning one without holding insurance! Then came the final step that brought us to today…

VERY OLD MAN: The illegalization of car ownership!

BLOND-HAIRED MAN: The fools! Reasonable regulation of dangerous instruments always leads to tyranny!

(via Political Irony)