Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fail Quote: Fischer compares Todd “legitimate rape” Akin to a rape victim

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The fallout over Rep. Todd Akin’s (R-MO) “victims of ‘legitimate’ rape don’t get pregnant” remark continues, and several key crackpots are bucking even their own side’s general consensus that the Republican state senate nominee was wrong by actually rising to his defense, including the American Family Association’s crown bigot, Bryan Fischer:

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BRYAN FISCHER: Dennis Prager wants him out. Charles Krauthammer wants him out. Hugh Hewitt wants him out. Ann Coulter wants him out. The National Review editorial board wants him out. The Wall Street Journal editorial board wants him out. The Tea Party Express wants him out. So, virtually nobody, other than the Family Research Council and yours truly – even Rush, apparently now, is out saying that he oughta step aside.

So, everybody is gang-tackling Todd Akin. Now, you talk about a “forcible” situation; you talk about somebody being victim of kind of forcible assault, that would be Todd Akin.

I know wingnuts aren’t the best at all this “freedom of speech” and “criticism isn’t censorship” stuff, but that’s still the first time I’ve heard critics who rebuke a public figure for saying something monumentally idiotic and outrageously offensive be compared to gang-rapists. Then again, that may just be me, given that my irony meter just exploded and sent shards of glass into my brain.