Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Daily Blend: Wednesday, May 09, 2012

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Ofc. Jerad Wheeler
Jerad Wheeler
  • DeKalb County cop [pictured] who committed doggycide at the wrong address in January now under investigation for kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach.
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  • Far-Rightists, hate groups and assorted anti-gay wingnuts everywhere react to President Obama’s newly professed support for gay marriage, while Mitt Romney tries desperately to stay relevant.

  • Inherently dangerous and aggressive dog loses a limb to save its owner’s life.
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  • The person who follows the pursuit of reason unflinchingly toward its end will be atheistic or, at best, agnostic.” — noted Christian apologist and dishonest fraud, William Lane Craig.
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  • Institute of Obvious Research: Dogs display remarkable empathy with humans. One of my earliest memories of dogs was when I was in time-out as a four-year-old and my grandma’s beloved golden lab came up to me all meekly and just stared at me with his fuzzy head in my lap. My mother said he knew I was sad and wanted to comfort me. I still miss him.
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  • This almost makes me like Miracle Whip. (Almost.)
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