Monday, August 01, 2011

Scott Clifton continues to expose William Lane Craig’s dishonesty

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Here’s intellectual atheistic dreamboat Scott Clifton (aka TheoreticalBullshit) continuing his dissection of famed Christian debater William Lane Craig’s increasingly arrogant and dishonest rejoinders:

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Brief summary: William Lane Craig responds to Scott Clifton’s previous arguments – which Clifton had explained in excruciating detail, paragraph after paragraph – by completely misrepresenting Clifton’s positions and claims, in addition to casually insulting and dismissing him outright despite failing to understand virtually any of Clifton’s points. Clifton now goes to great lengths to painstakingly quote and refute Craig’s dishonest replies whilst ignoring his attacks, exposing Craig as a lying, arrogant hack.

It’s rather clear why Craig is always said – by Christians, that is – to “win” his debates. Strawmen don’t typically put up much of a fight.

Isn’t it revealing how Christian icons of intellectual/philosophical enlightenment always end up crumbling under any amount of scrutiny?

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Edit: 10/20/11 8:48 PM – Minor transcript phrasing edits.