Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fox’s Bolling: Conservative girls are prettier than liberal girls!

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One sometimes has to wonder whether Fox News’s Eric Bolling might not actually be some sort of undercover liberal trying to embarrass his conservative co-hosts on the air. Or maybe he’s just deliberately trolling. Either way would go a long way to explaining how he can be so shamelessly and flamboyantly moronic, such as in his response to Bob Beckel’s reasoned take on the recent study purporting to show a link between lower IQ and and conservatism:

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BOB BECKEL: I think what he suggested, by the way, wasn’t about conservatives being stupid. What he said was people who have lower IQs and less education tend to be inclined to vote conservative and they tend to be more racist. […] I have a very good friend, […] a very conservative guy, who wrote me, asked about this. I want to be very careful, ’cause you know I was in the South doing voter registration. The guys who beat me up – believe me, were guys not well educated, they were White, they probably weren’t that smart. But – as [friend] says here, I wanna read this to you: “I’m more inclined to believe that our attitudes come from nurture and not nature. But surely, the dumb ones of us have a more difficult time sloughing off our negative nurturing, regardless of whether we’re liberal or conservative.

And I think that that is a good point, that when you grow up in a situation where you’re surrounded by a certain political philosophy, and if you’re not very well-educated – I don’t care whether it’s Black or White and racism; you’re talking about people – it is group-think, and so, I think there’s a lot to be said about this.

ERIC BOLLING: You just refuted your own opinion.

BECKEL: […] I think [my friend]’s right, but the nurturing I think he’s talking about is when you’re in a community where it tends to be lower income, lower-educated, lower –

BOLLING: That’s not what I got outta this. You know what I got outta this? That conservative women are way smarter and more attractive than liberal women. Take for example, on their side: Rosie O’Donnell, Oprah, Whoopi and Joy Behar. And look what we have: Dana, Kimberly, Andrea, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

BECKEL: This is a serious conversation we oughta have, here.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: We are having a serious conversation.

BECKEL: That wasn’t serious.

You couldn’t make up someone that cartoonishly simple-minded and childish. No-one would believe it. And the best part is how Bolling accused Beckel of self-refutation … right before essentially going, “Oh, yeah? Well, our girls are prettier than their girls, cuz they’re all fat dykes! Neener neener!”

Again, folks, this man is the host of two nationally syndicated TV shows. I can only guess he must have bribed his bosses with boxes of half-eaten crayons.

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