Monday, November 28, 2011

Fox Nation declares victory in “War on Christmas”

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Fox News & co. apparently don’t believe in waiting for there to be an actual conflict before declaring victory. From Fox Nation:

Fox Nation headline: “We’re Winning the War on Christmas”

Of course, this is another Foxified headline with only a tenuous link to the original report, this time about how Walgreens is following suit behind numerous other retailers by caving in to Christian-Right pearl-clutching groups like the American Family Association [warning: auto-start video] after being threatened with boycotts for using a generic “holidays” labeling rather than “Christmas”. (Because that’s so obviously an issue worth boycotting anything over.)

But, hey, as long as Fox gets the boost in attention it craves, even if it’s by claiming to win an imaginary battle that no-one else on the planet is fighting.

(via Media Matters for America)