Sunday, July 03, 2011

Actual headlines vs. Fox News headlines

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Because Fox News – whether on TV or online – is all about fairness and balance. Or, as Fox’s Chris Wallace himself put it (despite cutting the remark out of the full Jon Stewart interview), it is the “counterweight” to the rest of the “liberal agenda” present in MSNBC (and, presumably, the rest of the media). Which would certainly explain the Fox website’s (of Fox Nation’s, either way; they’re thematic clones) knack of quoting from source news articles and, erm, creatively rephrasing their original headlines to suit it’s “counterbalancing” needs (a few of my favorites listed):

Actual News Headline Fox News Headline
USDA gay-sensitivity training seeks larger audience Obama Bureaucrats Imposing Radical Homosexual Sensitivity Training?
Obama Will Speed Pullout From War in Afghanistan Obama Doesn't Thank Patraeus
NY Officials Want Schools to Teach About Unwanted Baby Laws NYC Public Schools Teaching How to Abandon Your Baby?
Yemeni man opts not to take piracy plea deal US Cuts Plea Del With Pirates Who Killed 4 Americans

Fox, your skeeviness is showing.

(via Political Irony)