Sunday, May 15, 2011

Iran claims bin Laden died of illness years ago [restored]

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Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi
Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi

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In a unique twist on the Osama bin Laden saga, Iran's intelligence minister says Tehran has "genuine intelligence showing that the terrorist leader died of disease long before the alleged raid" by the United States, the Iranian semiofficial FARS news agency reports.

"We have accurate information that bin Laden died of illness some time ago," Heidar Moslehi said on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting Sunday, FARS reports.

"If the U.S. military and intelligence apparatus have really arrested or killed bin Laden, why don't they show him (his dead body)? Why have they thrown his corpse into the sea?" Moslehi asked, according to a TV report, FARS says.

By releasing such "false news," he says, the White House is trying to overshadow "regional awakening."

Moslehi is quoted as saying U.S. officials resort to such PR campaigns to divert attention from domestic problems as well as their "fragile" economic situation, FARS reports.

Of course, it’s safe to bet that Intelligence Minister Moslehi is full of crap, or is at the very least being misled. Even al-Qaeda itself reportedly confirmed bin Laden’s death in jihadist forums. Still, though, it’ll be fun to watch what the Deathers and assorted Obama-haters make of it.

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