Saturday, May 14, 2011

You may notice there are a few posts missing … [updated]

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[EDIT: Reposted from 05/13/11 1:50 PM]

As anyone of you who peruses blogs on a daily basis will probably have noticed, Blogger’s been going some tough times technically for the last couple of days, with global blackouts and the occasional inability to post anything new at all. And now, the overlords have taken down all Blogger posts and comments published since Wednesday, May 11 at 10:37 AM (EST) in their efforts to find the problem and fix it. (Though, curiously, my last remaining post reads 2:23 PM … but whatever.)

This post is just to inform you that, no, I have not taken anything down, myself, and that the few posts that are currently missing should be restored before too long. Keep an eye on this Blogger Help thread for status updates from the Blogger team themselves as they try to figure it all out.

At the same time, though, it’s worth mentioning that the service blackouts in the last couple of days have been the first in a very long time; an independent study by Royal Pingdom has found that Blogger is by far the most reliable blogging service to date, with a total uptime of 100% over the course of two months (October—December 2010). So, overall, that’s still a major kudos to Blogger, and one of the reasons why it’s still my platform of choice. (Now, if only Disqus allowed for trackbacks on non-WordPress blogs …)

This post will be amended once everything is back online.

UPDATE: (05/14/11 2:50 PM) – It’s now been a few days, and all my posts from 7:00 PM on Wednesday the 11th to Friday (yesterday) – 7 in total – are still missing. The Blogger team claims that most posts should be back by now, so if my posts haven’t been returned to normal by midnight tonight, I’ll start reposting them all manually. This shouldn’t be too difficult, as the posts still show up perfectly in the blog’s RSS feed, so all I’d have to do is finagle with the code a little. I’m still hoping they’ll magically reappear before then, though.