Friday, March 11, 2011

I, Equitator: Day Eight – More gonadal bruising

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Another fun day spent at Equi-Sens today, though that’s becoming rather expected. Which is rather the point, really. (Is that a digression speed record?)

Charlotte was already in her box when I came in, though spending a night in the rain (yay Québécois spring …) left her in a sad, soggy state that resulted in an unusually thorough brushing to dry her up a bit that still managed to eat away at my allotted time. (So much for forging ahead.) Anyway, a quick saddling-up and I was relaxingly pacing my faithful albeit hardheaded (and endlessly drooling*) steed through the gradually warming interior arena. However, today was trot practice day, and lemme remind you that at least in equine parlance, ‘trot’ is not the same as ‘walk’. Oh, noes.

Anyway. I don’t have that much to say about it, so here are two quick pics I thought of snapping. First, the royal little kitties:

Cats sleeping atop hay bale
Watching, or sleeping? You’ll never know.
[full size (1200×900)]

And, of course, Charlotte herself, dripping wet in her box and rather impatient to be let out (which, with a head her size, is rather … influential):

Charlotte in her box
Not pictured: Kicking the door repeatedly
[full size (1200×900)]

Can’t believe next week is my next-to-last class … before the next ten lessons, that is. :P

* Seriously, it’s almost incredible. She was drooling during the entire lesson. And not just teensy flecks of spittle, either. Makes grabbing her hackamore a distinctly unpleasant affair. Where does she store it all?