Friday, February 11, 2011

I, Equitator: Day Five – More cats and cowgirl Charlotte (w/ photos)

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And so the first half of my ten-week lessons has come and gone already. This is gonna be over way too fast.

I had my actual teacher today, Chantal, for the first time, as my previous (substitute) teacher, Nathalie, injured her foot a few days ago, the poor thing. (She’ll be fine in a week or two, so Chantal told me.) Otherwise, the woefully short hour wasn’t much different than my other classes … which, considering how consistently fun they are, is in no way a complaint. I even surprised Chantal, who, having left me alone for about ten minutes to deal with something or other, returned to find I had fetched Charlotte, secured her and begun brushing and saddling her up all on my own. But then, I’ve always been a fast learner regarding practical matters, so that’s no big feat, really.

Anyway, this is turning into a diary or something. I know all you little devils care about are cute animal photos, so here are the center’s three cats lazing around in the saddlery (equipment box):

Cats in box
“What? What ch’you want?”
[full size (1200×900)]

I had finally remembered to bring my Nize Hat! today … which I then had to replace with a riding helmet. At least Charlotte was allowed to express her inner fashion sense for a few minutes, just long enough to pose for the camera:

Charlotte with my fedora (with Chantal to the side)
I say she just looks goofy. Big goofy dummy. I wuv her.
[full size (1200×900)]

Anyway. Brushing and saddling went pleasantly fast this time, leaving me with just about half an hour for the actual riding part, which I then spent learning how to control the great stubborn beast from atop my cramped little saddle. All good fun, as always. I love that horse; she’s such a complete sweetheart … even if she has the slightest drooling problem. Lazy weirdo.

Sadly, I have the next week “off” (though, frankly, the horse-riding lessons are my own “off” days from drearily monotonous routine). Expect the next I, Equitator post on the 25th.