Friday, January 21, 2011

I, Equitator: Day Two (w/ photo)

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And so, horseback-riding lesson number two of ten just ended, and it could not have gone better.

We arrived a few minutes late due to a transportation hang-up, and we went straight to brushing my Great Big Lady, Charlotte (hereby known as GBLC), who had apparently taken to rolling around in the snow and ice. Animals, they be weird.

After a while, it was time to ride. So I was taught how to mount a beast whose shoulder I could barely look over, especially with someone as limber and agile as I am (hurk). Who knew something so terrifying could also be so fun and satisfying?

Anyway, I learned how to work and relax the right muscles for a more comfortable riding experience, and at the end of it all (during which we mostly walked in circles, not that I grew even remotely bored by it), I had my teacher, Chantal, take a quick pic of me, my GBLC, and my tutor, the comically little Natalie (well, compared to GBLC, anyway):

Me riding Charlotte with tutor Natalie
[full size (1200×900)]

Note: I’m just over six feet tall in person, so don’t go thinking I ordinarily look like a plump midget when not sitting atop a two-ton pile of fur-covered muscles. So you know.

But as great as the class itself went, what came after was even better. Being that the Chantal had some time off, it turns out she had been chatting with my mother, who had apparently lavished more praise upon me for my music and writing than could fit within an average oceanic basin (not that I complain), and wanted to hear some of my music and possibly read my stories. So I pointed her to this blog and my music and story galleries over at furry website SoFurry (which I recommend for my music and writing as it holds the most up-to-date versions not featured here – blame laziness) (and no, not a furry myself, I just like the fandom, etc., etc.). Even with all the build-up my mother had been making of my works (she could be my talent agent), Chantal was still flabbergasted and even had shivers from hearing just one of my songs.


Anyway, as we left, it’s then that my mother tells my that Chantal is, in fact, a bona fide talent agent.


And as we headed back home after my woefully short hour spent at the ranch, my mother then informs me that Chantal was interested in keeping me on as a volunteer helper around the ranch after my ten lessons were up.


So, yeah, I’m in a pretty good mood right about now. Even in a freezing apartment with the heating offline due to faulty thermostats that keep exploding into flames. (No, seriously. This place apparently has some serious bad mojo. No wonder it was so affordable.)

Until next week, then. Already can’t wait for Friday. (Oh shuddup, you know what I mean.)