Thursday, February 24, 2011

Iowa wants to legalize murder of abortion doctors, too!

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Murder scene

Someone please kill me. (Oh, irony.) I’ve barely just written about how Nebraska has become the second state, after South Dakota, with a legislature that is actually considering amending the state’s justifiable homicide laws to allow people to kill abortion doctors in order to prevent “prenatal murder”, and here comes Right Wing Watch to inform me that a third state, Iowa, is also thinking about legalizing anti-abortion murder – and several others might be as well:

The Iowa State House is weighing both a Personhood bill, which gives legal rights to zygotes by classifying them as separate “persons,” and a bill that expands the right to use deadly force to protect a third party. The Personhood legislation attempts to criminalize abortion and common forms of birth control and has already been approved by a State House subcommittee; Personhood Amendments are also under consideration in Mississippi, North Dakota, and Georgia. Essentially, by declaring that a zygote and a fetus have all of the same legal rights as a “person” while also broadening the legal protections regarding the reasonable use of deadly force, abortion providers could be legally targeted with the rationale of protecting a third party.

This is turning into yet another one of those times where I’m devoutly thankful I live in Canada. At least politics here are just boring, rather than filled with immoral zealots.