Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fail Quote: John Yoo accuses Obama of overstepping his constitutional boundaries

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Former Bush administration Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo
John Yoo

After a day filled with possible legalized murder of innocent and courageous live-saving heroes, it’s time to wind down and just point and laugh at some random nut saying something hypocritical and stupid. From John Yoo, former Bush administration Deputy Assistant Attorney General and co-author (along with Assistant Attorney General Jay Bybee) of the infamous Bush torture memos, revealing his epic lack of self-awareness in this criticism of President Obama:

President Obama continues to display his misunderstanding of the constitutional order by repeatedly inserting himself into matters reserved to the states and localities, such as the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, the location of a mosque near ground zero in New York City, and much of Arizona's immigration bill. In ignoring the proper division of responsibility between the national and state governments, Obama distracts the national political state from the pressing responsibilities on its own docket, such as spending no more than revenues and protecting the nation's security.

Amazing. Now, on its own, this inane piece would have been unremarkable. But the fact that Yoo, a man who thought that President Bush’s executive power was so all-encompassing and unchallengeable that he could commit any number of atrocities and war crimes overseas and never receive so much as a judicial slap on the wrist for it, is now arguing that President Obama is overstepping his own constitutional boundaries because he dares to share his opinions on various national matters, is too rich for words.

This guy is giving a whole new definition to being “too stupid to parody”.

(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)