Friday, January 28, 2011

Stewart demolishes O’Reilly’s defense of his Nazi analogy

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Last week, Jon Stewart at The Daily Show criticized Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) for comparing the Republican lies about healthcare reform to Joseph Goebbels’ Nazi propaganda, especially when this came only days after Cohen gave a speech condemning such rhetoric. Naturally, Fox News went into a tizzy of intensely hypocritical outrage, and the ever-idiotic Megyn Kelly even claimed that no-one on Fox ever makes Nazi comparisons. And so Stewart responded by letting her know that, actually, yes, they do. Like, a lot (including on her own show).

Then, Fox’s daddy Bill O’Reilly actually defended his own past use of one specific Nazi analogy, somehow rationalizing the equating of the Huffington Post to Nazis because of one hateful reader comment that was once posted (and later deleted). If that wasn’t transparently moronic enough, here’s Stewart, yet again, to clarify the extent of O’Reilly foolishness and continuing hypocrisy:

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My transcript of Stewart’s conclusion:

STEWART: So, my point was, contrary to what your colleague, Ms. Kelly, was suggesting, that Fox commentators do use Nazi analogies, and your point seemed to be, ‘Yeah, but I had a good reason.’ The problem with that is everyone thinks they have a good reason. Steve Cohen thought he had a good reason. It’s like speeding. I yelled at Steve Cohen for speeding. Megyn Kelly yelled at Steve Cohen for speeding, and then she said, ‘Good thing we don’t speed!’, and I said, ‘Look at all the [fucking] people speeding right there!’. And then, you said, ‘You took that out of context! I was late.

In short, it really doesn’t matter why you made that analogy (or any of the many others you also made), Bill. You shouldn’t have made it at all. There’s nothing that US liberals have ever done, or probably ever will do, that can rationally merit comparing them to the orchestrators of the Third Reich. Disagreeing with your ideology, or random Internet trolls posting vile remarks on Left-wing websites, does not a bunch of genocidal fascists make. Your attempt to rationalize it – especially in such a dumb and inane manner – only adds more amusing irony to your claims to being a respectable journalist whilst you denigrate Jon Stewart’s own brilliance.