Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jon Stewart blasts hyperbolic rhetoric from the … Left

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In what will certainly (*snorts*) lay to rest the nonsense about how Jon Stewart supposedly only attacks the rabid Right, here’s a segment from last Thursday’s episode where the “radical Leftist” strongly criticizes Rep. Steve Cohen from Tennessee for using Nazi comparisons to smear his political opponents only days after he originally made a speech condemning such rhetoric. The thing, of course, is that Rep. Cohen is a Democrat:

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Hypocrisy and hyperbolic or violent imagery need to be denounced and discouraged on all sides of the political spectrum, even if it’s your own ideological camp. Jon Stewart is one of the most consistent and dogged demonstrators of this ideal, constantly declaring that both Liberals/Democrats and conservatives/Republicans are so often in the wrong (even if conservatives/Republicans seem to make a competition out of it). Accusations of him being, himself, partial and biased to the Left are simply ignorant and false … not that it stops so many Rightists and false “centrists” from making them.

(via Political Irony)