Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Chaser’s War on Everything takes on The Secret

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Following my earlier revelation that I once entertained vague ideas about things like karma and even The Secret* (aka the “Law of Attraction”, a belief that’s as guff as they get) before finally becoming an atheistic skeptic, I was shown this bright little parody from the Australian satirical show The Chaser’s War on Everything where The Secret is treated with every bit of respect it deserves:

As they say: Some beliefs are just too utterly ridiculous to merit a serious critique and should be handled with no more than the mockery they inspire in normal, rational people.

(via Evan McHugh McAwesome)

* In my defense, this was only after my sadly woo-believing mother had me going for a little while, though I never truly believed in it as she does. It often perplexes me how a generally rational and intensely anti-religious woman like her can hold so firmly onto such bizarre notions. I guess it just comes to show you how the brain really is hardwired to believe in some form of supernaturalistic crap or other, thus making the struggle for skeptical thought all the more important.