Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Greenwald responds to Wired’s accusations

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Glenn Greenwald
Glenn Greenwald

Well, that was quick (as expected).’s Glenn Greenwald has posted his two-part rebuttal to yesterday’s response to his (and others’) criticism by editors Evan Hansen and Kevin Poulsen. The first part is his detailed fisking of the numerous accusations against his supposed inaccuracies and lack of journalistic integrity, while the second is his attempt to “ensure that the focus remains on what matters”:’s continued obfuscation of the Lamo-Manning chat logs and what is, or isn’t, included in them, in light of Adrian Lamo’s continued spouting of (often contradictory) claims that may or may not be present in the concealed remainder of those chat logs.

Seriously, how can expect to retain any journalistic credibility when they continue to not only hide the chat logs (wherein their concerns for the implicated individuals’ privacy could be alleviated quite readily simply by releasing the logs with any private information redacted), but most tellingly, to refuse to even comment on whether or not what Lamo says is actually supported by whatever is in those logs? It’s becoming close to impossible not to suspect ulterior motives at this time with all this apparently deliberate hiding of the evidence.