Thursday, October 28, 2010

Profiling an archetypal anti-feminist: Eivind Berge

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Eivind Berge’s Blogger profile photo
Eivind Berge’s Blogger profile photo

Fellow blogger and Hell denizen PersonalFailure likes to tweet links to disturbing content and the nutty individuals who give unsightly birth to it. This time, she’s pointed her poor Twitter followers to the blog of one Eivind Berge, a Norwegian man who is yet another representation of what happens when you combine raw intellectualism (as in unaided by other such things as sensibility and wisdom) with a festering and barely concealed loathing for women, along with a fair helping of an ego so self-flattered that its glossy shine can be seen from China. (No, that description apparently does not solely refer to Vox Day, and perhaps to a lesser extent, his mate-in-anti-feminist retardation, Roissy.)

I casually skimmed along the first page (you don’t seriously expect me to go looking deeper than that? No SIWOTI-afflicted blogger is that self-flagellating) and found a fair number of interesting tidbits. For example, did you know that female sexual abusers don’t exist?

A category error (or category mistake) is a semantic or ontological error by which a property is ascribed to a thing or group which could not possibly have that property. Imputing culpability for sexual abuse or rape of boys to women is such a mistake. The lie that women can rape or sexually abuse males is I think the most preposterous and egregiously offensive category error imaginable. I have addressed this topic numerous times, but it cannot be emphasized enough that the notion of a female sexual abuser is a complete and utter falsehood. Since sex is a female resource, any male is only lucky to get sex from women regardless of whether he is underage, forced or whatever.

Wow! So hey, all you men who have been sexually assaulted by women, and all you young boys who have been abused by female child molesters – nothing wrong happened to you and you should be thanking your forceful sexual aggressors partners for having been so lucky as to experience their touch! Why, doesn’t the world seem all the more cheery now, knowing your horrible ordeals really weren’t all that bad at all, and that they were even good things? What a breath of fresh air!

The lie that boys can be raped by women was invented by feminists during the latter part of the twentieth century. At no time previously in no culture during the entire history of civilization did the notion exist that boys can be harmed by pussy the same way girls can be raped by men.

No, feminists did not come up with the notion that females could rape males. The dictionary did (in a manner of speaking): “unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will usually of a female or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent”. That sounds rather like the definition of someone forcing sexual acts upon an unwilling second person, regardless of gender. If you don’t like it, take it up with the Society of What Words Actually Mean. (Society to be founded circa 2023 AD, or as soon as “refudiate” enters common usage.)

Berge is also apparently into the habit of sharing some distinctly disturbing insight into his psyche and sexual behavior. First with this:

Crudely speaking, access to women's bodies is the core of men's liberation and should be pursued as vigorously and violently as the feminists have attacked men to the point where I quite literally can't have sex without being a criminal anywhere in the world at the moment.

You can’t have sex without raping someone? Just where do you live? Or, more creepily, just what is your idea of “sex” like, anyway?

Also, on the subject of young male schoolchildren being sexually abused by female teachers*:

Anyone who fails to comprehend that these boys are lucky -- so lucky that I am consumed by jealousy and would have killed for that kind of experience myself -- is not someone I want to be associated with […]

So … Berge was so desperate for female companionship – or at least, merely getting laid – that he would’ve opted for a female predator to molest him? Because, of course, it so often ends up so pleasant for the male students, themselves.

And they say masturbation has no purpose. Pshaw.

Berge is also all upset over Norway recently passing harsher penalties for various violent and/or sexual crimes, outrage that is based on a very skewed and nonsensical interpretation of the changes. He claims that the minimum sentence for rape has increased from two to three years, or 50%, whilst incarceration time for murder has only been raised by 30%.

Now, looking at the actual report (relatively decent translated version, here), this 30% increase is from six years to eight. So, according to Berge, the fact that the penalty for murder increased by two years to eight when the penalty for rape has gone from two to three years is … proof that feminists have once more escalated the war on male sexuality. Despite the fact that murderers spend nearly three times as long behind bars for murder than rape. Go figure.

With all this talk about rape, it would be useful to know just what Berge considered to be rape, wouldn’t it? Well, in his own words:

Only radical feminists believe lack of consent is a sufficient definition of rape.

Well, you can’t blame him for lack of clarity. It’s very simple … if you’ve been drugged, misled or threatened into a sexual act you do not want with a person you don’t want to have sex with, then you’re not being raped.

The research shows that sex is a female resource. If we are to have equality, some manner of sexual coercion would be justified.

Ah. So in order to compensate for a supposedly unfair amount of offered sex from women (who apparently control all the world’s reserves of sex – sweet for them!), it’s okay, even encouraged, to take it from them by force. (Again, only through the drugging, manipulating or threatening them, which are acceptable, because otherwise, it’s rape!)

Oh, and for all of you folks who suffer through sexual harassment at work and presumably are unable to get out of this wretched situation: Stop whining about such a perfectly normal and acceptable behavior!:

Sexual harassment fundamentally shouldn't be taken seriously because there is nothing wrong with the kind of behavior feminists call sexual harassment. Both kinds. It is of course well within the moral rights of any boss to demand sex from women quid pro quo or for there to be what they term a "hostile enviroment" due to sexual references. Any claim that this is discrimination against women and therefore should be criminalized must simply be dismissed out of hand. [original emphasis]

Good to hear! Go on, men, pinch those tushies and stare at that cleavage all you like, you completely natural horndogs, it’s normal and entirely appropriate behavior that those silly little girls will just have to get used to, anyway. It’s a man’s world out there, after all.

As I write this, I have a wonderfully salivating plate of ravioli cooling down on my desk (I really fucking love Diamond’s pizzeria) and I’m running out of patience in writing about Berge’s delusions, anyway. So, just to give you one final little nugget of interest, another insight into the minds of so many of these anti-women pieces of scum:

Women choose. Women are sex objects. Women are the gatekeepers of sex. Rape is equality. [my emphasis]

Well, there you have it. Can’t be much clearer than that. All right, then, I’ll just go out – after my ravioli, obviously – and buy some chains and then go around rallying up as many of those sex-holding female fucktoys as I can find. Hey, I am a MAN! It’s what dudes do!

… Why is it that so many men make me ashamed of being a part of their gender, if not the species altogether?

Browsing through Berge’s blog and social profiles, it rapidly becomes clear that he is literally obsessed with women and consumed with an evidently overwhelming urge to get laid. The armchair psychologist in me has already found his diagnosis a while ago – he’s a dork who could never find anyone who would so much as consider him as a viable partner, much less a romantic interest, which filled him with frustration over the years that evolved into anger and resentment, if not outright hatred. In other words, he’s the stereotypical creep who blames society – specifically, women and pro-women advocates – because his hand never satisfied him. (Poor Berge; the solution is always in the lube and the fantasy. Easy tricks, really.) I won’t be following him like I do Vox Day, who at least has other facades to his persona (his amusingly inane tirades against atheists serve as a good magnet for my attention). This berk really has nothing more to offer, so don’t expect another post about him. This one was out of pure curiosity and interest, sentiments that have now died down.

* Quite possibly the only sane and useful article the WorldNetDaily has ever published. (Don’t wait for a second.)