Thursday, October 28, 2010

Olbermann on the future of Tea Party America

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Tea Partier with poster: “Hey Hussein, quit ' dixie chickin ' our nation / Go back to Kenya” [sic]
This is exactly what non-voting Americans are turning the country over to

We are just over four days away from the 2010 midterm elections in the United States. On 11/02, the future of the next few years – and possibly for far longer – will be decided. And, as Keith Olbermann lays it out in terrifying detail in his latest Special Comment, on 11/02, we’ll find out just how deeply voter apathy runs, especially throughout liberal circles, if they actually neglect to make their voices heard over the mere disappointment of two years of unfulfilled optimism and allow the country to be thrown into the hands of the litany of crazy, ignorant, dishonest, ideologically driven and bigoted nutcases who would love nothing more than to seize power, sometimes even violently, and return America back to an era of oppression, discrimination and special-interests-led tyranny. And no, those words are not used lightly or ironically.

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All those loons, kooks and assorted nuts aren’t a circus act. They aren’t parody or satire, and they aren’t being facetious. They are dead serious in their mindless idiocy, and they’re equally dead serious about wanting to be put in charge. And there’s a very sizeable chunk of the country who wants to do just that, as unbelievable as it may seem. As some would say, this shit’s real.

For Christ’s sake, people, for the love of your fellow citizens and your country, get out and VOTE! Even a generally uncaring armchair whiner like myself would do it, were I not a Canuck. If you read this and you’re an American citizen, and you refuse or neglect to vote, and then find yourself unhappy with whoever’s in charge … well, it won’t take you much further than the nearest mirror to know who’s fucking fault that will be.