Thursday, August 19, 2010

Non-profit employees issue a response to Rush Limbaugh

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Last week, Rush Limbaugh made the usual sorts of baselessly offensive comments that he’s renown for, this time calling non-profit organization employees “lazy idiots” and “rapists in terms of finance and economy”. Now, a group of such non-profit employees, led by DC Central Kitchen founder Robert Egger, decided to send in a very fitting response, showing not only how they fulfill a vital role in society (which, I believe, may include finance and economy), but also that they refuse to take his bullshit lying down:

Gotta love that ending. The problem, though, is that this is probably just the sort of thing a radio clown like Limbaugh wants: to get reactions from the people he needlessly offends just for the heck of it. Limbaugh, as with others like him, is nothing but a troll. A stupid, ignorant and ghoulish troll who would do the world a great favor by removing himself from the public airwaves for good.

(via Media Matters for America)