Thursday, August 19, 2010

Americans outraged over plans to build library next to Palin

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[source: The Daily Mash]

Think those plans by pesky insensitive Muslims to build a peaceful Islamic cultural center two blocks (at the very least) north of Ground Zero is bad enough? Now those pointy-headed intellectuals are planning to place a building of reading and knowledge right next to our favorite font of anti-intellectual jibberish, Sarah Palin! The outrage!

PLANS to build a state-of-the-art library next to Republican catastrophe Sarah Palin are causing outrage across mainstream America.

Campaigners have described the project as insensitive and a deliberate act of provocation by people with brains.

The issue is forming a dividing line in advance of November's mid-term congressional elections with candidates being forced to declare whether they have ever been to a library or spoken to someone who has books in their home.

Meanwhile President Obama has caused unease within his own Democratic party by endorsing the library and claiming that not everyone who reads books is responsible for calling Mrs Palin a fuckwit nutjob nightmare of a human being.

But Bill McKay, a leading member of the right-wing Teapot movement, said: "Sarah Palin is a hallowed place for Americans who can't read.["]

Move aside, The Onion, I have a new sweetheart.