Monday, August 02, 2010

Liz Cheney calls on Obama to shut down WikiLeaks, calls Julian Assange a traitor

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Liz Cheney
Liz Cheney
[source: Raw Story]

She really does seem to share a brain and moral center with her father. Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick[1], really doesn’t like that WikiLeaks released tens of thousands of secret US Military messages that revealed, as expected, hundreds of cases of abuse of prisoners and civilians, unmitigated murders, widespread corruption, and other instances of general lawbreaking amongst the troops and foreign aides. But as usual, rather than address the problems revealed (or merely confirmed) within her country’s armed forces, she’d rather just shoot the messager and sweep it all under the rug as she calls for President Obama to force Iceland, where WikiLeaks is centered, to shut the whistleblowing website down, and also dubs WikiLeaks’ founder, Julian Assange, a traitor who deliberately aided and abetted al-Qaeda.

"I would point out that although you've got the news about the WikiLeaks documents that that came out this week and clearly Julian Assange's effort was to change course for the US policy in Afghanistan," Cheney told Fox News' Chris Wallace Sunday.

"He was unsuccessful in that. He does clearly have blood on his hands potentially for the people whose names were in those documents who helped the US and I think that's something he will have to live with now," she continued.

"I would really like to see President Obama to move to ask the government of Iceland to shut that website down. I would like to see him move to shut it down ourselves if Iceland won't do it. I would like to see them move aggressively to prosecute Mr. Assange and certainly ensure that he never again gets a visa to enter the United States," said Cheney.

"What he's done is very clearly aiding and abetting al Qaeda. And as I said, he may very well be responsible for the deaths of American soldiers Afghanistan," she concluded.

Got that, folks? Committing yourselves to truth and accountability is outright treason and merits the President himself doing everything he can to silence you so you can never throw the military’s and its allies’ numerous illicit behaviors and widespread corruption into relief ever again.

Here’s the thing, Lizzy. Julian Assange is a fearless and doggedly self-sacrificing journalist who goes far, far beyond the duty of reporters and puts his life at risk, over and over again, for the sake of exposing the truth and revealing the corruption and various evils that are eating away at the government and the military from the inside. As for you, you are openly advocating censorship of truth, silencing the few individuals courageous and intellectually honest enough to do whatever it takes to let the people know what is really happening, and are quite happy to violate all the basic principles and ideals your country was founded upon – honesty, integrity, freedom of speech and of the press, to name a few – just to pursue a dishonest political agenda.

Julian Assange is far more patriotic than scum like you will ever be. If you really want to see a traitor, Liz Cheney, you only need to look in a mirror.

As I said on Twitter, I shall from hereon out refer to this amoral coward by that which characterizes her personality the most: Lizard Cheney.

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[1] That sounds creepily appropriate on a number of levels, depending on your interpretation.