Monday, August 02, 2010

Fail Quote of the Day: Doocy claims Obama administration cares more about midterms than victims of 9/11

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From Fox “News”’s Steve Doocy at Fox & Friends:

My transcript:

DOOCY: Meanwhile, switching gears: Almost nine years later and still waiting for justice, the White House continues to delay the decision about the “Gitmo Five” trail. Where’s it gonna be? So, does the administration care more about the midterms than the victims of September the 11th?

Um, two little points there, Doocy. First, that the administration is waiting to come up with a clear decision of how to proceed with the case of the 9/11 terrorists is not an indication that they’re relegating it as a lesser priority in the face of the upcoming elections. It means they’re weighing their options and trying to settle on the best method to proceed. It takes a bit of a paranoid fool to think otherwise.

And second, you might wanna choose not to talk about “not caring for the victims of 9/11” in light of the fact that your own party, the GOP, once again succeeded in their obstructionist clownery by actually killing a bill in the House of Representatives that would have offered billions in various healthcare programs to the heroes of 9/11 who were injured or fell ill as a result of the attacks and the subsequent rescue efforts. Asshat.

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