Monday, July 26, 2010

Daily Blend: Monday, July 26, 2010

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Sorry for the lateness. I was shanghaied into visiting some relatives, and only just recently managed to escape (though I did catch a sight of my uncle’s fantastic Mercedes-Benz SLK 350, 2008 model. The hidden car enthusiast in me got a bit of a mental hard-on). Now onto your regular programming.

  • FEATURED: Remember how WikiLeaks was rumored to release 260,000 top secret US Military cables exposing tons of abuse and lawbreaking? That was a lie … They actually just released 91,000+ instead.

  • New British coalition government plans to revamp the nation’s socialized healthcare system. … By transferring more power down to local doctors and abolishing layers of bureaucracy. What, you didn’t think they’d turn to private health insurance companies, did you? ’Cause that’s just stupid.
    (via @todayspolitics)

  • This is all kinds of cool and freaky.
    (via The Agitator)

  • Roger Ebert asks why BP and corporations in general have received unofficial immunity from paying for when their trees fall on his lawn.

  • British government drops plans to grant anonymity to men suspected of, or charged with, committing rape. I have nothing with naming names when the accused has been proven guilty, but I strongly oppose revealing the identities of those who have merely been accused before they’ve been formally charged. You’d think they would at least make sure that the accused truly was guilty before launching that social wrecking ball. (See my previous comments, here.)
    (via @todayspolitics)

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