Monday, August 02, 2010

Ellis Washington vs. liberal-socialist-commie-fascist utopians

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“The Stupid, It Burns”
“The Stupid, It Burns”
[source: Bad Astronomy]

Ellis Washington, who perhaps better anyone else represents the sort of loony wingnuttia that is the foundation of the WorldNutDaily where he posts his weekly diatribes, now comes out and lumps just about everyone who disagrees with him into one single bucket and splashes the unholy mess into this single, neuron-apoptosing paragraph:

Regarding American liberalism, pick any utopian socialist - from Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Clinton, Carter, Obama, to the useful idiots of atheism, feminism, gay rights, civil-rights activists, the labor and teachers' unions - and you will find a person who thinks his knowledge base (politics) is superior to virtue; that the Bible is a collection of myths that isn't to be taken literally; that moral relativism holds that all religions lead to "god" and that no religion is better (or worse) than any other; that separation of church and state is the singular dogma of liberalism; that there are no miracles, God or need for a savior. The State is god, and god is the State. The state under socialism will give everyone heaven (utopia) on earth through cradle-to-grave care. Private property, liberty and independent man are all relics of a bygone era.

I am spared the need to iterate a response of my own by Ed Brayton, who pretty much nails this amalgamation of purest nonsense:

Wow. That may be a new world record for packing the most fallacies into a single paragraph. As usual, the brush with which Washington is painting is as wide as the Grand Canyon. He simply groups everyone he disagrees with into a single category and gives it a label -- "utopian socialist." Actual distinctions between the people in that group? Silly socialist, they don't count.


And Ellis, if you're looking for someone who believes that their politics is superior to virtue I suggest looking in the mirror. Last week you proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you put your political likes and dislikes ahead of virtue and integrity when you posted a fake quote from President Obama and refused to remove it even after having it proven to you that it was a fake quote. I guess that makes you a gnostic too, eh?