Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Basil Marceaux’s new campaign ad

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I saw parts of this featured on last night’s The Colbert Report but couldn’t be bothered to look it up. Thankfully, I seem to have psychic readers as I just had this forwarded to me. Remember Basil Marceaux? He’s the Republican gubernatorial candidate for Tennessee that you (may) have been hearing about lately. There’s just something about him; sure, he may be the greatest caricature of a Republican oaf yet to get on the ballot; sure, his policies (as far as we can decipher them when he tries to communicate them) are a bit on the side of wacky loonybinry. But watch this new campaign ad of his and tell me he doesn’t start to grow on you (like some sort of moss):

Hell, I’d vote for him. At least he sounds honestly incompetent.

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