Thursday, July 29, 2010

Glenn Beck: Desperate circus clown or just plain crazy?

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Sorry for the next-to-nil amount of blogging these past few days. I’ve been dragged down by a mixture of … well, just apathy, really. But here to reassure you that I still care that there’s plenty of crazy in the world to go around, I give you: This “what the hell is he even talking about?” moment, featuring everyone’s favorite top-grade loony, Glenn Beck, as he tries to advance his latest conspiracy theory involving Vietnam War-era radical underground organisation, the “Weather Underground”:

Somewhere, there must be a number of psychiatrists who study Beck’s case with a mixture of interest and confusion as they try to figure out, perhaps forever unsuccessfully, whether he’s just doing his best to pander to his audience of delusional wingnuts or whether he truly is that completely insane.