Monday, July 05, 2010

Daily Blend: Monday, July 05, 2010

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Declassified photo of nuclear bomb detonating in space
Nuclear bomb detonating in space

Whoo, been composing nonstop for over a week. I could get used to this “unhindered flow of inspiration” thing.

  • PersonalFailure at Forever in Hell wonders why, if all the bad things in the world popped into existence the moment Adam and Eve bit that accursed apple, Satan was already in the Garden of Eden. Kinda hypocritical of an omnipotent and omniscient God to knowingly and deliberately allow the Devil himself to slither into his precious Garden, knowing that it would inevitably result in the Fall of Man, only to then turn the finger of blame onto us fallible humans when he knew all along what was coming, no?

  • What’s worse than falsely crying wolf? When you’re the attention-seeking idiot painting the swastikas on your own door and claiming it to be an anti-Semitic attack.
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  • Poor humans, we’re losing our “unique” status in the Animal Kingdom more and more every day: New research shows how ravens are capable of displaying empathy and actively console their distressed flock-members.
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  • Newly declassified photos and video footage of the military detonating nuclear bombs in space [pictured].
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  • Unintended reverse psychology: Reading this composer’s arguments in a debate/argument with a teenager only heightens my appreciation of Internet filesharing (colloquially known as “media piracy”). He conjures up three incredibly facile and illogical examples to try and explain just how the teenager is utterly wrong and arrogant and so on, all the while mischaracterizing her points, ignoring or dismissing her arguments and overall coming across as a master of condescending sophistry, himself. People like him are the prime reason why I hate the whole absurd concept of “intellectual property” to begin with. If I choose to pay for a product or a service, it’s because I wish to support the artist/creator and his/her work(s) and/or cause(s), not out of concern of the law, for which I honestly could not care less.
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  • Typical amusingly inane editorial at the Washington “Moonie” Times breathlessly reports how the Obama administration continues its “war on the traditional family” – by giving LGBT people passports with a “transgender” option and issuing guidelines for gay inmates in prisons. Because, of course, granting LGBT folks equal socio-legal rights and standing will force Little Timmy to shag Little Robbie as those pervasive gay rays permeate the air and break down the very fabric of society, turning us all into goat-humping deviants. Or something. At least, isn’t that what social conservatives always warn us about?
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