Thursday, July 22, 2010

Daily Blend: Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Andrew Breitbart
Andrew Breitbart
Jackass of the week
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Nothing to report, boss. ’Cept for that big hairy spider crawling down your ear.

  • Russel Pearce, father of the Arizona anti-immigration law: Sixty percent of the Hispanics support it in Arizona. … uh-huh …

  • MSNBC’s Chris Matthews predicted that Fox “News”’s Bill O’Reilly would “do the right thing” and denounce the false claims against Shirley Sherrod and protest her firing. I didn’t think he was that naive.
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  • Zachary A. Chesser, the man behind thinly veiled death threats aimed at South Park’s creators that led to Comedy Central censoring an episode, arrested and charged with aiding an unrelated terrorist group. No-one saw that coming.
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  • BP again PhotoShops an image. So they’re incompetent with following regulations, PR, and doctoring images. And they’re trying to plug a gusher a thousand feet beneath the surface?

  • The most ridiculous and pointless lawsuit you’ll read about today. Also: if he’s a “real American Brand and Icon”, I’m the Face of Canada. Eh, baby!

  • Colorado Senatorial candidate Ken Buck (R): “Vote for me because I do not wear high heels.” Again, thanks for being so open about your bigotry. Removes any need for speculation.

  • Fox “News” wants you to know that although they’re the ones who breathlessly promoted the Shirley Sherrod “scandal” in the first place, it’s the White House’s fault for firing her and “acting without having all the facts”.
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  • When your God is Morgan Freeman
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  • Media Matters reports on Andrew Breitbart’s long history of politicized bullshit. My take: There are three possibilities for explaining Breitbart’s repeated dishonest attacks. Either: A) He’s too stupid to realize that fabricating evidence will inevitably bite him in the ass; B) he’s simply reckless; or, most likely, C) he fully expects his lies to be revealed sooner or later and simply tries to cause as much damage to his opponents as he can before everyone else eventually realizes the hood he pulled over their eyes. Which, in my personal opinion, seems to be behavior that correlates with more and more right-wing cranks’ actions these days. The only question is why people keep falling for this sort of bullshit time and time again. Even rats learn faster than this.

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