Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oklahoma anti-abortionists gaining ground

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Abortion rights
Now less than ever in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma state legislature has been hell-bent on crushing abortion rights for women these past few weeks, attaining their goals of making any and all abortions performed in the state public, forcing women to undergo an invasive form of ultrasound and get lectured on the blob of cells in their womb (as if they weren’t already perfectly aware what it is they were dealing with), and even going so far as to forbid women from suing any doctors who deliberately “withhold information about a fetus or pregnancy that could cause a woman to seek an abortion”. Gov. Brad Henry (D) did his best to veto these horrible bills, but the anti-abortionist lawmakers made sure to overrule his veto and cram the bills into law.

Well, these self-righteous asshats aren’t done yet. Just when you thought they couldn’t make abortion rights any more of an apparent misnomer in the state, they went ahead and made sure to make obtaining an abortion was on a difficultly level on par with finding a sane, responsible and ethical Republican lawmaker:

Yesterday, the Oklahoma House was at it again, this time passing, in a 70-21 vote, a bill (HB 3290) to bar private insurance companies from covering abortion. From the legislation:

No health plan, including health insurance contracts, plans or policies, offered outside of the state Exchange, but within the state, shall provide coverage for elective abortions except by optional separate supplemental coverage for abortion for which there must be paid a separate premium in accordance with subsection D of this act.

So, it’s not that women can’t obtain abortion coverage from their health insurance plans – they just need to go out of their way to purchase a “supplemental coverage” plan for a totally unforeseeable event. Which is, you know, exactly what health insurance is supposed to cover.

(via @todayspolitics)