Thursday, May 13, 2010

FAIL Quote of the Day: Here’s another one for “conservative empathy”

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Thugs With Badges
Never thought I could find something this fitting
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Right-wing and quasi-clinically retarded blogger Pat from Political Byline had this to say about the now-viral nighttime SWAT raid in Missouri that lead to a terrorized family and a dead dog, all over a tiny little bit of pot:

The moral of this story is folks, if you are not breaking the law; the swat team will not come to your house and break down the door.


As a Conservative-minded person, I believe in rule of law, and it is obvious to me, that the feds had enough evidence on this guy to conduct a raid....and the little doggies got killed... Big deal. If the owner gave two flips about these dogs, he would not be dealing drugs and the dogs would still be alive.

I can’t decide whether I’m more disgusted at how fucking dumbass these ignorant statements are, or merely at his revolting heartlessness. The only “law” these people were breaking was that the father seemed to enjoy a little toke now and then. Hardly just cause for sending in the SWAT troops with guns blazing at anything that moved. The only evidence the cops had (and note that these were the local police, not the feds as Pat ignorantly states) were some trumped-up charges of possession and distribution of marijuana, charges that were quickly proven false when all they found was a small amount of pot and some paraphernalia. Finally, his odious little comment about how it’s somehow the victim’s fault that his dogs were fired at (and an innocent Corgi was slaughtered), all in front of his terrified family, including his 7-year-old boy … Well, it tells you just what to think about the old “conservative empathy”, doesn’t it?

I can only hope that even the asshole that is Pat doesn’t go through something so utterly horrible and have his loved ones (including those on four legs, assuming he’s even capable of forming an attachment to non-human creatures) struck down for absolutely no good reason at all. Though, then again, it might just make him more human.

It’s always interesting to hear conservatives, especially those bragging about how the cops have put down yet more innocent victims in a show of force, boast of their support for the “rule of law” and law enforcement in general. In the end, though, they just end up giving yet more credence to the old maxim: “A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. A liberal is a conservative who has been indited.” The cops are your friends … until the cold hand of reality slaps your naive face around a few times.

(via Dispatches From the Culture Wars)