Monday, May 17, 2010

Guest post: From the horse's mouth: Bestiality at the source

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This is a guest post by my friend Gene Burmington. We have an arrangement where he periodically sends me content that I reproduce on this blog unedited. (Obligatory disclaimer: the views and opinions expressed in the guest post are the writer’s and do not necessarily reflect my own.) [Minor spelling edits.]

Classic bestiality sculpture at Khajuraho Lakshmana temple, India
Classic bestiality sculpture at Khajuraho Lakshmana temple, India
So don’t come to me and say it’s a recent thing, ya hear?!

As the person behind this blog already asserts, there are different levels to bestiality. Now some might consider me being outlandishly favorable of bestiality is a moot and biased point since I have everything to gain by declaring its validity so of course I'd 'lie about it'.

However, the reason for me coming here to talk about it is much simpler. What better leading authority is there on bestiality than a person who is active in the underworld society hidden from view?

We have the pope as an authority on religion and judges as authorities on law so why can't a bestialist be a valid authority on bestiality?

Anyway, it's a difficult concept to outline for others due to the fact that I don't think like other people. Where most people see disgust or depravity, I see safety, love, and opportunity.

Well let's start with disgust. Considering that animals are not compatible with our DNA, it shouldn't be something that's gross or disgusting-besides the ridiculous notion of "pregnancy", animals have NO STDs that humans can catch.

On top of that, it's only depraved if you think of it in a religious or close-minded point of view. What's so honestly depraved about it? these are just ideas placed in the mind by the attitudes of society.

I am very clear to emphasize that interracial sexual relations were also considered depraved until recently. Don't forget that hundreds of years ago, people tried to make African-Americans into animals as well as they could. You can watch movies like Oprah Winfrey in "Beloved" and catch those sorts of overtones.

Religion will always stick out as a proponent of any liberal thinking. Before you give religion the merit to tell you what's right and wrong, remember two things religion tried to do:

It tried to stop the advancement of science and production when Copernicus and Galileo were exploring the universe.

It stood by and became hypocrisy as Christians kept slaves, even though the bible clearly states that we're all equals.

So now that I have that out of the way, let's start by examining the issue itself; The best way to describe any offense toward bestiality would be the diminishing of human pride for a perceived lower life form.

People are much too proud and indignant to think of animals as anything but children that need to be loved and cared for and trained-for people who are familiar with the British empire taking over Africa and India, this can be a startling similarity.

For a lot of people, animals are children and are so helpless they must be protected. While I'm in favor of this, I hardly think children have sex and kill/eat things they find on the ground on a daily basis.

Sometimes its a problem where people are comparing animals to something which makes no sense and sometimes its about people underestimating the will of animals to choose for themselves. After all, if they lived for this long without human intervention, they surely know what's good for them.

As for the matter of consent, the best explanation for determining this is to point out a study I've forgotten the source for. It was given to me by my American Studies teacher and declared that all animals alive today enjoy having sex (breeding) because it was determined that those animals who do not like to breed have become extinct. This is probably part of the reason why we see ourselves and so many different animals as hypersexual organisms. We all evolved not merely to have sex, but thoroughly enjoy it.

Almost every zoophile is clear to point out that they don't force or tie up animals; it's all consensual. Anti-bestiality people are quick to either point out that animals accept sex because they think food will be withheld, or that animals cant consent.

In response to this, animals would require a great deal of faculty for displacement. Animals can be trained to accept something, but they can't predict or plan for future events. Also, consent is not a matter to be described by human beings. Consent in human terms implies that the animals have a will and rights. If these wills and rights were to be respected universally, slaughterhouses would not work due to animals not consenting to be killed.

It's really not a matter of consent-it's just an excuse to force people to tackle. Everyone is big on democracy and individual freedom, and so they don't have trouble applying this towards animals. The real problem though, is when animals have real freedom or imagined freedom.

So when someone asks for proof of consent for sex, do they also ask for consent for imprisonment in zoos or kennels, or for consent to be killed and chopped into pieces?


They only ask for consent if an animal is fucked;

WHAT ARBITRARY SILLINESS! (stolen from zero punctuation :P)

Consent is really just an excuse by anti-zoos and anti-beasts to make zoos look like animal-raping assholes. If they truly cared about the rights of the animal, they would lobby to end animal slaughter and abuse by corporations.

Further that with the insult of lumping all zoos/bestialists with"animal-ripping."; a Jeffrey Dahmer-esque practice of having sex with animals and hurting/maiming/killing them; particularly infamous with horse rippers: people who trespass on other's property to have sex/ slash horses inner genitals with razor blades.

I don't deny that animal ripping and bestiality are similar. I say that because it involves a number of the same elements; trespassing and cross-species sexual relations.

However, a zoo/beast is as comparable to a zoo-sadist (person who loves to hurt animals, maybe sex) as a normal heterosexual man who has a wife and kids is comparable to BTK [binder-torture-killer] or Jack the ripper.

That's the ultimate truth; we're just like a heterosexual man who wants to have a wife to love and keep company with for the rest of our lives, only, the wife we cherish is a little different from most.