Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FAIL Quote of the Day: In which he really uses every excuse to attack the President

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Rush Limbaugh
He’d attack Obama for breathing if they didn’t sadly share the same air
[source: Vexedinthecity’s Weblog]

Yesterday (Monday), President Obama launched a video message in which he encouraged young, minority (such as Black, Latino and Asian) and female first-time voters to get active again in the November mid-term elections. Three guesses how everyone’s (least-)favorite odious gasbag responded to Obama’s encouragements.

[Rush] Limbaugh, on his Monday show, castigated Obama for targeting voter groups. "This is the regime at its racist best . . . He is asking young people, African-Americans, Latino and women to reconnect, to fight who? Who is this fight against?" Limbaugh said.

Yes, because encouraging first-time voters to participate in the country’s political future is really just “playing the race card”, after all.

Limbaugh asks who Obama and other voters are fighting against. I’ll tell you exactly who, Limbaugh. You. Scoundrels like you, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin; all of you decidedly unpatriotic, ignorant, imbecilic, arrogant, slandering, simpering, dishonest and cowardly fools. Every last damn one of you.

(via @ebertchicago)