Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And thus the Constance McMillen saga concludes in style, thanks to Westboro

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Constance McMillen
Constance McMillen

For some, knowing that they’ve irked some of the most insane bigots around into provoking them to come picketing might be taken as a badge of honor. In what is most likely a very fitting final chapter in the case of Constance McMillen, the lesbian student who ardently fought for her right to attend prom with her girlfriend in the face of overwhelming bigotry from her entire town of Fulton, MS., the ever-odious Westboro Baptist Church has announced its plans to picket Constance’s graduation from the Itawamba Agricultural High School on May 22, apparently unable to refrain from seizing upon such an event to act out as the hate-filled ghouls that they are.

“WBC will picket the graduation of Itawamba Agricultural High School to remind the parents, teachers and students of this nation that God said 'Thou shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind, it is abomination,'” the church said in announcing the protest.

“This generation has been raised to believe that they can live for the devil and still go to heaven, that God has no standards and the biggest lie of all – that God loves everyone.”

“The parents of Fulton, MS feign outrage that a filthy dyke wants to parade her 'girlfriend' around at their night of fornication called a prom,” the church added. “They had a duty to teach their children what the Lord requires of them. They shirked this duty.”

Stay classy, Westboro.

Unfortunately, the bad news here (because frankly, I don’t really consider the WBC’ picketing as bad news, merely an exasperating irrelevancy) is that most of the town of Fulton has already shown itself to be a cultural swamp of ass-backward bigots, the kind who were all more than happy to set up a segregated prom just for Constance, her girlfriend and other “different” kids (including two “special needs” students). It’s likely that many locals would probably rather join Westboro rather than protest their abhorrent gospel. Either way, this ought to make for one heck of an interesting graduation.

Oh, and I know it’s been said before, but: Constance, dear, once you’ve graduated and got your diplomas and everything, get the fuck out of that retarded hellhole. You deserve immeasurably better than what any of those degenerates have to offer.

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