Saturday, March 23, 2013

Doggycide Roundup: 03/23/13

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Dog chalk outline
  • Midwest City, OK (uncertain date): Bounty hunter shoots & kills “aggressive” family black Lab, then tazes its distraught owner in the chest.
    (via Dogs Shot by Police | Facebook)

  • Indianapolis, IN (uncertain date): Typically sparse police report states dog was shot and killed during an investigation into a shooting that left two men hospitalized.
    (via Dogs Shot by Police | Facebook)

  • Rochester, NY (?03/15/13?): Patrolling officer reportedly shoots & wounds Choco the pitbull terrier after apparently confusing his excitement for aggressiveness. Family stuck with $1,200 vet bill.
    (via Dogs Shot by Police | Facebook)

  • Delta, British Columbia, CA (03/16/13): Officers on a routine patrol reportedly attacked by two pitbulls, use a baton to force one to flee and shoot & kill the other. Officers treated for injuries. All seems to indicate a proper escalation of force.
    (via Rob F)

  • Newport, VA (03/20/13): Pitbull shot by police and later euthanized by owner after allegedly “nipped” two children.
    (via Dogs Shot by Police | Facebook)

  • Allamakee County, IA (03/20/13): Another spotty police report says deputy shot & killed “attack[ing]” “pitbull” during drug raid. Lots of arguing in the comments.
    (via Dogs Shot by Police | Facebook)

  • Statistics:
    Shootings: 6 · Victims: 7 · Deceased: 5 · Survivors: 2 · Power Breeds*: 5

    EDIT: 03/24/13 1:17 PM ET – Edited to add clickable “hidden note” for “Power Breeds”.