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Daily Blend: 03/17/13

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Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier
Card. Wilfrid Napier
  • Predictably, the Canadian Government’s decision to lay off all non-Christian prison chaplains has already resulted in a lawsuit.

  • Public Shaming offers these handy guides on how to thoroughly void your Decent Human Being card.
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  • In the category of “a first for everything”, I defend a clergyman’s [pictured] remarks about pedophilia from someone who apparently can’t distinguish between a sexual paraphilia and the actual act of child abuse.

  • And finally, here’s another month’s worth of refutations to the claim that religious people are more moral:
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  • African woman says that “everything bad should be done to” gays, including imprisonment and execution;
  • Former pastor Haden Conrad accused of soliciting sex with a 14-year-old girl;
  • Metro News: “Six new sex abuse charges for retired Catholic priest”;
  • Rev. Donald R. Jung accused of molesting his 9-year-old granddaughter;
  • Birmingham Mail: “Solihull priest Ted Simpson arrested over child sex accusations”;
  • Baltimore, CO Deacon William Albaugh busted for child porn possession;
  • The Irish Times: “Report finds Dutch religious abused ‘tens of thousands’ of girls”;
  • Archdioceses of New Orleans & Lake Charles, LA sued for allegedly harboring accused child-raping priest Mark Anthony Broussard;
  • The Times: “Papal frontrunner Cardinal Peter Turkson links sex abuse to homosexuality”;
  • Manitoba, CA school administration & local churches oppose anti-bullying law meant to stop anti-gay discrimination;
  • The Advocate: “Florist Tells Longtime Gay Customer That Jesus Won't Let Her Do His Wedding”;
  • Gay Star News: “Brazil elects racist, anti-gay pastor to be human rights boss”;
  • Kansas City Atheist Coalition blocked from participating in Saint Patrick’s Day parade;
  • The Raw Story: “Atheist cop sues after being demoted to car washer for refusing to pray”;
  • North Carolina considers forcing Bible study classes on public-high-schoolers;
  • The Telegraph: “Church school pupils will need baptism certificate to board school bus”;
  • Montana’s Pinehaven Christian Children’s Ranch accused of physically abusing troubled children;
  • Deccan Chronicle: “Attackers hack hand off 7-yr-old Tanzania albino boy for witchcraft”;
  • Fifteen-year-old Maldives rape victim sentenced to 100 lashes for consensual premarital sex;
  • Osun Defender: “Father ties, locks up six-year-old daughter for witchcraft”;
  • UN cancels humanitarian marathon after Hamas bans women from racing;
  • Toronto Star: “Muslims storm church in Egypt looking for woman suspected of converting to Christianity”;
  • Middle-Eastern Islamists riot, demand execution of bloggers accused of blasphemy;
  • The Independent: Pakistani mob torches Christian homes in Lahore over prophet Mohamed 'blasphemy';
  • Iran bans Buddha statues as “symbols of cultural invasion”;
  • Bella Naija: “Nigerian Nurse who Caused Baby’s Death after Botched Home Circumcision in the UK Walks Free from Court”;
  • Miami, FL imam accused by US Gov’t of funneling $50,000 to Taliban;
  • Global Post: “Cairo court affirms death for 7 Copts over anti-Islam film”; and
  • 11 extremists stopped “weeks or days” before building bombs for “another 9/11”.
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