Saturday, March 09, 2013

Doggycide Roundup: 03/09/13

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K-9 Ofc. Cora (German shepherd)
Ofc. Cora
  • Romeoville, IL (02/19/13): Officer shoots & wounds allegedly “aggressive” loose family dog, shoots again to try and kill it out of mercy but fails. Dog is eventually euthanized at the vet’s. Investigation is underway.
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  • Pagosa Springs, CO (02/25/13): Cop checking out allegedly “aggressive” dogs at large shoots Rebel, who is later euthanized for his injuries. Witnesses dispute officer’s account.
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  • Fishers, IN (02/26/13): U.S. marshal confronted by Reese the tiny rat terrier barking at him, immediately shoots & wounds her, gets cleared of wrongdoing for “self-defense”. Owners stuck with $10,000 vet bills.
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  • Boston, IL (02/28/13): Thorough and informative police report says an officer shot a dog. Reason? Breed? Animal’s status? Witnesses? Bah, that’s not reporting.
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  • Lawrence, MA (03/01/13): Cop somehow confuses a (allegedly “aggressive”) Shar-Pei for a pitbull, shoots & kills it.
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  • Moss Point, MS (03/05/13): Police conducting drug search shoot & wound Cora the K-9 German shepherd [pictured] “after she was mistaken for a vicious dog”. There’s a certain irony to that, really.
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  • And finally, some good news: Two Colorado senators introduce a bill requiring police to undergo training for dealing with dogs.
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  • Statistics:
    Shootings: 6
    Victims: 6
    Deceased: 3 (50%)
    Survivors: 2 (33%)
    Pitbull index: 1 (16%)