Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ray Comfort: Only Christianity prevents horse-meat burgers!

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Ray Comfort
Ray Comfort

I generally avoid paying any attention to Ray Comfort’s more mindless anti-atheist arguments (not that anything he’s ever said on the matter could be called “mindful”, no matter how charitable one feels), but this was just too funny to pass up:

There was a big fuss recently in Sweden about lasagna and burgers containing horse meat. Sweden is atheist heaven, and so there shouldn’t be any hard and fast table manners—other than “if it tastes good, eat it.”

So why aren’t cats and horses on restaurant menus in most countries? It’s because Judeo/Christian nations base what is right and wrong to eat on the rules God gave to the Jews. But if atheism has its way, we can expect restaurants to expand their menus to include eagle-wings, double-double whale burgers, fresh cat casseroles, and tasty little kitten fingers. When any nation forsakes God, it defaults to mob rule (what society dictates) and that can go anywhere it wants.

Swinging at fruit this low-hanging is rather like picking a fight with a four-year-old; it leaves one feeling sullied and unsatisfied.