Sunday, February 10, 2013

Doggycide Roundup: 02/10/13

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Army the pitbull
Army the pitbull

Sorry for the lateness and general lack of bloggery these past few days. Just haven’t really been in much of an opining mood lately.

  • Las Vegas, NV (01/22/13): Constable under investigation for shooting & injuring dog of young woman he allegedly stalked and harassed.
    (via Dogs Shot by Police | Facebook)

  • Long Beach, CA (01/30/13): Officers open fire at a possible trespasser’s dog that “ran at [them]”, miss; dog runs away and no injuries are reported.
    (via Dogs Shot by Police | Facebook)

  • Battle Creek, MI (01/30/13): Police investigating a reported assault shoot & kill Junior the pitbull as it allegedly attacked them.
    (via Dogs Shot by Police | Facebook)

  • Pitt County, NC (02/06/13): Deputy enters woman’s yard to speak with her, shoots & kills Army the pitbull [pictured] for “growling, hissing [?] and showing its teeth and lung[ing]” at him. Deputy claims he only opened fire when he was cornered, though makes no mention of attempting to use non-lethal force. Owner plans to sue.
    (via Dogs Shot by Police | Facebook)

  • Statistics:
    Shootings: 4
    Victims: 3
    Deceased: 2 (50%)
    Survivors: 1 (25%)
    Pitbull index: 2 (50%)