Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Daily Blend: Wednesday, February 06, 2013

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U.S. President Barack Obama (addressing the U.N.)
Pres. Barack Obama
  • A Tale of Two Obamas: BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski presents a trenchant exposé on the President’s [pictured] then-and-now stance on civil liberties and government powers.

  • 10-year-old Alexandria, VA boy arrested and charged with “brandishing a weapon” for showing his orange-tipped toy gun to other kids on a school bus.
    (via @radleybalko)

  • Maybe the reason some police departments hate being recorded (including by their own surveillance tools) is because it exposes their corruption.
    (via @normative; RT: @radleybalko)

  • And finally, latest Republican attempt to force God into classrooms includes text from a noted pro-choice atheist.
    (via Rob F)

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