Friday, January 11, 2013

MS governor eager to shut down state’s last abortion clinic

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Gov. Phil Bryant (R-MS)
Gov. Phil Bryant (R-MS)

Mississippi women are about to find it that much more difficult to find any kind of reproductive healthcare thanks to the caring and benevolence of their elected representative:

A federal judge last year delayed enforcement of a law that abortion-rights advocates say is designed to be so restrictive that it effectively abolishes abortion in the state. Under the law, Mississippi’s only abortion clinic would need toget “admission privileges” from local hospitals, which have not been willing to cooperate.

The judge’s order is set to expire on Friday and state officials have said that they will make an unannounced visit to the clinic in Jackson to determine if it was able to comply.

“My goal of course is to shut it down,” [Gov. Phil] Bryant told a group of pastors in video captured by WJTV on Thursday.

Maybe Gov. Bryant is just proud that his state has the highest unplanned pregnancy rate in the nation. It would certainly explain his desire to ensure that the aggrieved or vulnerable women in his state go without the medical care and counseling they need.

(via @BuzzFeedAndrew)