Thursday, January 10, 2013

Daily Blend: Thursday, January 10, 2013

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Rev. Louie Giglio
Rev. Louie Giglio
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma Planned Parenthood clinic forced to shut down due to slashed funding.

  • Anti-gay Christianist asshat Rev. Louie Giglio [pictured] voluntarily backs out from President Obama’s inauguration. Spokeswoman claims the Administration wasn’t aware of his history of bigotry.

  • U.K. Met Office blog kicks the Daily Mail’s ass over its latest garbage-packed global-warming-denying article.
    (via @BadAstronomer)

  • Jebus: Cops barge into home without warrant or probable cause, shoot sleepy man 16 times (somehow without killing him) when he reaches for a flashlight. But of course, this “perceived risk” meant their actions were “justified”.
    (via @radleybalko)

  • And finally, some good news: We won’t get smashed into Earthling purée in 2036 after all!

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