Friday, December 28, 2012

Daily Blend: Friday, December 28, 2012

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Al Stefanelli
Al Stefanelli
  • Ed Brayton eviscerates Al Stefanelli [pictured] for his ridiculous rant about Freethought Blogs being an “atheist cult” for radical feminists who hate White men and so on. And imagine, the guy considers himself an ally. Mind, meet boggle.

  • Relatedly, it seems that Ophelia Benson must really be doing good work discrediting these twits.

  • 2012 was quite a year for the “fast-growing” men’s rights movement, wasn’t it? (Well, no.)

  • College student learns despairingly many people are turtle-hating assholes. Though, I wonder how many hit it accidentally after swerving to avoid it.

  • Behold: The Ted Nugent countdown clock. (A possible third option: Carted off to a nuthouse.)
    (via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)

  • And finally, here, have some astoundingly (if hauntingly) beautiful photos of what several prominent cities would look like with every single light bulb burned out:
    (via @DiscoveryCanada)

  • “Darkened” San Francisco, CA
    “Darkened” San Francisco (by Thierry Cohen)

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