Sunday, November 25, 2012

Send her to college and save young minds from imprisonment

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Christian homeschooling

Jennifer from Charlotte, North Carolina had an unfortunate beginning. She hails from a Quiverfull homestead where her devout parents homeschooled and brainwashed her and her six younger sibling into believing a woman’s role in life was to be a baby-dispensing homemaker and little more. Thankfully, she was lucky enough to see the light and left as a young adult keen on trying to recapture the years of proper schooling that had been withheld from her. Naturally, her parents are refusing any and all support, including the mere act of signing her FAFSA, effectively turning her into an outcast.

There is hope, however. Jennifer has a plan: [lightly edited for formatting]

If I were to finish college and get a degree, I would first help my 6 younger siblings (specifically the two girls) to also find a way out and get on their feet and go to school.

Then, I would love to create a safe-house where children of religious homeschooling families can come to improve their lives and future and have hope.
From struggling with poverty, to being unable to get a job without a resume or employment history, and often a substandard education; the children of the Quiverfull movement have extreme challenges to overcome. A home like this would be a safe platform for them to transition into the world without being abandoned to struggle. Many of their parents wish this difficulty for their children, saying it will cause them to return and be content with the party line. I want to create a buffer for the pain parents cause when they shun and disinherit their children for religious reasons.
Because there are more of us every day, and so much pain and heartache.

I know that this is possible and I know that my education and success will pave the way for me to help others.
That is how I want to change the world.

She’s applying for a scholarship from WyzAnt, which uses popular vote to determine who gets their funding. Voting is incredibly easy – no registration or personal information of any kind is required – so do her (and the countless kids she may help free from religious indoctrination) a favor and endorse her, as I and 5,856 others (as of this writing) already have. The more, the merrier.

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