Saturday, November 24, 2012

This week in doggycide: November 24, 2012

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Maddie (10yo pitbull) sleeping on couch
  • Thomasville, GA (September 23): Officer repeatedly shoots Ford the pitbull-weimaraner mix “because he thought he was a stray”. The dog may lose a leg from his injuries. The shooter faces enough “policy violations” to risk losing his job.
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  • Baldwin County, AL (November 12): Call about a loose dog leads to deputy chasing Maddie the pitbull [pictured] while shooting at her, then cornering her on her patio and killing her. Neighbors claim the dog was never aggressive.
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  • Clyde, NC (November 15): Police respond to domestic disturbance, shoot at a “pitbull”, miss and hit another cop in the leg instead. Dog fled with unknown status.
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  • Birmingham, AL (November 16): Sparse and incomplete report says a drug raid resulted in the shooting of a pitbull, who later died.
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  • Hampton, VA (November 17): Cops attempting to serve a warrant shoot and kill an “angry pitbull” that allegedly broke through a fence and attacked them.
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  • Champaign, IL (November 17): Unidentified pitbull allegedly attacks Dog the Labrador Retriever as he’s being walked by its owner. Officer responds, attempts to force the dogs apart, then ends up shooting both dogs, killing the Labrador.
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  • Clarksville, TN (November 17): Officer searching for a runaway teenager shoots Bonnie the Australian Cattle Dog/Pitbull mix in the head, killing her in her backyard. No sign of aggression is mentioned. Entire neighborhood testifies in the dog’s defense, saying she had never been aggressive. Cop appeared apologetic, a rare event.
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  • Ypsilanti Township, MI (November 19): Deputy responds to meter reader being attacked by a “pitbull” in its yard, shoots it when it allegedly charges him. Dog later dies. Neighbors claim dog had a history of “being vicious”.
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  • And finally, in lighter news: Rex the stray, who was shot by Hoopa Valley, CA tribal police last September for playing with schoolchildren, is slowly but surely recovering with a loving community.
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  • Statistics:
    Cases: 8
    Victims: 9
    Deceased: 6 (66%)
    Survivors: 3 (33%)
    Pitbull index: 6½ (72%)